As a couple we have a common goal to work on together. We talk business, we create goals together, and we LOVE life together. Instead of making excuses we have come to realize through some soul searching, meditating and motivation, that WE are the only ones that can change our situation. Waiting on life to change, waiting to “win the lottery” waiting on the economy, waiting on whatever we were waiting for to make things better wasn’t going to happen. We realized we needed to make that change for ourselves.   We are GRATEFUL for our lives and what we have.   We used to get so damn mad at the smallest thing and bounce the anger back and forth on that subject between the two of us, now when one of us gets riled up the other brings them back down to reality… in EVERY situation there is reason to be grateful.

— Ashley & Bryan


"Our life used to be a busy, boring routine. We had opposite schedules and we were getting nowhere. We were tired of having to drag our kid out of her warm bed to drop her off at daycare every day two hrs before school... tired of doing the same thing for 16 years and the dreadful thought of another 30 years! We're now excited to wake up! And maybe slightly addicted to working and achieving. Geoff said to take it 0-100. So we did. Now we have the motivation and drive to change our health, happiness and goals! There's always something different and something new happening and we're excited for tomorrow!

— Jenn & Gord

My life has changed drastically since connecting with Geoff. I wake up everyday with gratitude for life. I practice meditation and enjoy breakfast with my family. I exercise everyday. I've started journaling and reading books on mindset. This business has become way more than just making a paycheque. It has literally changed my everyday routine to such a positive fulfilling life. Since plugging with Geoff, over the past 4 months not only has our financial circumstance increased, a big weight lifted off our shoulders, but my entire mindset has become stronger. I no longer allow negativity to effect my life which in turn has attracted more positive things to happen. I have become more patient in my everyday life with my children and surroundings. I have such sense of relief now. Stress is no longer. Anxiety is no longer. My drive and motivation to succeed in anything is far more powerful than it was before this opportunity.

— Shayleen