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About Geoff Hughes

Let’s face it, if you’re like most people, you aren’t where you want to be in your life. In fact, I was just reading that 81% of people are overweight and 70% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. Yet people are working harder and longer than ever before. Why is that? There’s more information to earn money and lose weight thanks to apps, blogs, podcasts, Youtube and so much more. We literally have more technology than any other generation yet so many people still struggle. But the good news is I’ve found out the cause of this epidemic.

Hi, my name is Geoff Hughes. And I understand exactly where you’re at right now. Because not too long ago, I was right there myself. In most aspects of life, I felt like I just couldn’t ever get it all together. I’d start, I’d stop. I’d find success then I’d self-sabotage. It always felt like there was an emergency brake on even whenever I was trying to push forward. I struggled for years trying to provide, let alone thrive, for my family and for myself. While I had success at each of my jobs as a top sales rep, I knew something was missing. I knew I could be more, do more, and achieve more. Sound familiar? After finding myself declaring bankruptcy, thanks to the financial crisis (and some poor choices of my own), I decided I was no longer going to settle for average. I told myself I would do whatever it takes to come back stronger than ever. As legendary life coach Tim Storey says, “The bigger the setback, the greater the comeback.” And I did just that. In only 12 months, I delivered on my promise and made 1.4 million dollars after learning the ropes of email marketing. While the financial gain was impressive, what mattered more was the shift in my identity and how it changed the vision for my future.

So how did this become my life? If you don’t know me, I am someone probably similar to you. I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit even I was stuck in meaningless, dead end, 9-5 jobs. I was consistently looking for something more even though I wasn’t really sure what “it” was. My success now is simply a product of inspiration and desperation from past events in my life. Since I was a kid, I was always having to overcome obstacles as I was raised by a single mom who was on welfare. I never knew who my father was so I didn’t grow up with people that I could model for success. At my most vulnerable years, I found myself getting into trouble as I had no real guidance. It wasn’t until I was exposed to the world of online marketing when I finally had a mentor to show me the path to success. Sure, I’d done well at my past sales jobs but at the end of the day, I was just a cog in the machine. But when I realized that by leveraging the internet, the potential for growth was unlimited. That was the moment that changed my life. I latched onto someone who’d been hugely successful in the field. I watched him, I studied him, and then I put in the work. And I was absolutely relentless with my work ethic. My dedication paid off and in my first year as my income surpassed that of my mentor. I had gone from a respectable yearly income of $150,000, working nine to five, to being a millionaire, creating location independence, in 365 short days. The money was incredible, but the freedom of being my own boss was beyond compensation. Not bad for a high school dropout right?

Where I’m at Today

Making money online and being my own boss is great but my true fulfillment comes from helping others. While I’ve had no problem pulling in seven figures year after year, what I really enjoy most is helping others finds success. A few years ago, I came to the realization that if I could achieve this, anyone could. I’ve become incredibly passionate about sharing this system with normal, everyday people so that they can experience the freedom and the lifestyle they’ve always wanted. I love teaching people how to unlock the power of their mind and create successful lifestyle businesses. Because to me, success is measured in different ways. Personally, I think its measured in how many lives I can impact in a positive, meaningful way. And I am dedicated to bringing more value into the lives of others than I get in return. What I’ve learned in my own journey is that the level of our potential is dictated by our mindset and self-image. I’ve found that, for the most part, we will only accomplish what we believe we can achieve. As Napoleon Hill said, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” And he’s 100% right. That’s exactly why I am where I am today. I made a choice. I refused to live down to my expectations, and I set out to become more than the sum of my circumstances. And you can too. If you are someone who has thought about building a successful online business around your expertise, vision, and passion, then you’ve stumbled into the right place. I want to invite you to download a complimentary copy of “Blueprint to Wealth: Habits of the Top 1%.” In it, I will show the exact secrets to mastering your mind and creating a life that most people can only dream about. I’ve personally spent over $500,000 on my own personal and professional development so I created this resource to help you succeed much faster.

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