It’s easy to form an impression of me. The flat brimmed baseball cap, the hoodie, the gold chain, the tattoos. Hell, throw in my build, and at first glance you’re likely to pass me off as a bouncer or a gym rat. That’s a fair perception… if you stop there. If you take it a step further and ask me about my past, I’ll tell you how it felt growing up with a single mom. You’ll hear all about welfare checks and neglect. The term “High School Dropout” will come up. I may tell you about going through adolescence without knowing who my dad was. You’ll probably nod your head confirming your initial assessment of me. Not exactly the history of someone equipped with basic life skills. But if you take a minute to look under the hat brim, you’ll see someone with a passion for helping others. Take a second to read my tattoos, and you’ll find “You Were Born To Make A Difference” emblazoned on one arm, and IDGAF on the other. You can ask me about that one if we ever meet, it’s not what you think. And the hoodie? I live in Canada, sometimes it’s cold. Here’s the thing. I could have easily settled for a job that expected very little of me. After all, dropping out of high school left me with few options. I wound up clerking in a shoe store. It was there in the center aisle of Athletes World that I discovered something. When it came to sales...I was a badass. Soon I was managing stores, and profitability soared. But I was never content. So I started selling phones to business accounts. My income grew to $150,000 a year and I had a chance to hone my sales pitch. Not satisfied at all. But something clicked for me when I went to work for the Yellow Pages as part of their Online Advertising team. This was the future of sales. And the potential that I saw Blew. Me. Away. I knew that this was absolutely the path I wanted to take. I found a mentor, and by applying the principles and techniques that he showed me, I brought in a first year income of 1.4 million dollars. I was hooked. Over the next several years, my income continued to grow, but I wasn’t happy. My marriage ended and my misery drove me to a journey of personal discovery. I became fascinated by the human mind and the ability for growth that we all have, simply by making the choice. I learned to reframe negative thoughts or experiences into something positive. I redefined failure as nothing less than finding myself one step closer to the outcome I had visualized. But most importantly, I learned that perceptions can limit us, or they can set us free. It all seemed so simple… too good to be true really. But I’ll be damned if it didn’t work. Somewhere along the way I realized that what I truly wanted to do, was to give back. A few years ago I hit upon a way to do just that. I would become the mentor that had shifted my mindset, and changed my life forever. My passion lies in raising people to their highest self-not just in business, but in life. I am committed to bringing more value into people’s lives than I take. So now, that’s exactly what I do. But I’ll let you in on a secret. On the surface, it may look like I teach people the Ins-n-Outs of Online Marketing, but what I’m actually doing is asking them to challenge their perceptions about others… but really about themselves. You’ll be surprised at what you find, and shocked by what you can achieve. That’s what I did. That’s why I’m here today.

Also, I may be a gym rat.

Much love,